Treetop Triumph | By: Doug Fowler - new
AN: Adult Michelle tells her boys the story of Stephanie, D.J., a tree combing contest, and co-operation. Stephanie’s athleticism was noticeable when she first scaled the curtains that first episode. I picture her a great climber. This could be book or TV Universe (Jeff could be in a different class in the TVU as I’ve said before, though I use him w/the book one.) The story told - done this way b/c I couldn’t think of a great way to end just doing it w/the story from when they’re younger - takes place early to middle 3rd season, so is just before D.J. gets her phone, & she only helps Kimmy babysit. And, yes, I know of a couple people who’ve had happen what happens to Jesse, and I thought, what a priceless scene if it did. What is it? You’ll have to read to find out :- )
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Somebody Who Needs You | By: Doug Fowler
AN: In the book series, Jesse moves into the attic and Joey the basement almost right away, if not right away. (He could use the alcove for a few months like in the series.) And, the 4th bedroom, in the TV series is an office in the books. So, how does that make things different? Well, here is how I think the B.U. (Book Universe) might start, signaling also how Michelle starts off on a path to be a bit more compassionate & well- behaved, more like D.J. than Uncle Jesse..
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Bear Story | By: Doug Fowler
AN: If you liked “Toy Story,” you’ll love this look at a day - including one episode - in the life of Stephanie’s best friend.  And, you’ll never look at stuffed animals the same way again. :-)
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They Grow Up So Fast | By: Dough Fowler
AN: Taking another break, as I’m really getting busy with other stuff, including ideas on a couple new Print On Demand books.  But, first, I was thinking about an adorable activity at an area school a few years back that made the paper, and picturing Steph in it.  While, at the same time, pondering the decision D.J. makes in the book series to be more proactive, rather than just reacting to toddler/preschooler Michelle’s inevitable misbehavior when the men woudln’t do anything.  Enjoy.
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Michelle Tanner and the Chocolate Factory | By: Doug Fowler
AN: Taking another break fo a good while, but Michelle in a chocolate factory was too cute to pass up, the way she loves sweets.  Plus, this shows the decision to put her in Kndergarten, a tough one considering Danny hats to see his girls grow up.  Could be either univese.
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A Story About Mommy | By: Doug Fowler
AN: I always thought it'd be nice to see a story of what their family life was like before "Full House" - along with my imaginative idea as to the origin of something. You'll see what.
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