Have you ever heard Uncle Jesse sing an old classic with his band? One you couldn't figure out what was called? In this section I will be posting the lyrics and info on many of the old hits mentioned on Full House. It is a WIP section, and new stuff will be added all the time.

*[Episode where it appeared in]


I Belong To You - by Jesse [No More Mr Dumb Guy]

For The Times - by Jesse [The House Meets The Mouse 2]

Michelle's Smiling - by Jesse [Baby Love]

Barbara Ann - by The Beach Boys. [Beach Boys Bingo]

Kokomo - by The Beach Boys. [Beach Boys Bingo]

Fun Fun Fun - by The Beach Boys. [Beach Boys Bingo]

Be True To Your School - by The Beach Boys. [Our Very First Telethon]

Forever - by The Beach Boys. [The Wedding]

Teddy Bear Song - by Elvis Priesley [various episodes]

Jailhouse Rock - by Elvis Priesley [The Wedding part 2]

Love Me Tender - by Elvis Priesley [The First Day of School]

Rock A Hula Baby - by Elvis Priesley [Tanner's Island]


Poem - O Captain! My Captain! [Educating Jesse]