Becky Quiz

Prove that you know Becky by taking this quiz. If you get 7 or more questions correct you win an award:)

What is Becky's maiden name?
Becky Marie Donaldson
Rebecca Donaldson
Rebecca Stamos
Rebecca katsopolis

How does she fit in the Tanner household?
She's Danny's coworker and Jesse's girlfriend/wife
She's Jesse's girlfriend
She's Danny's sister and the girls' aunt
She's a neighbour

Where is she from?
San Francisco
Washington DC

Where did she grow up?
In a big city
In a small town
On a military base
On a farm

How many siblings does she have?
One brother - Corky and one sister - Connie
4 brothers and one sister
3 brothers

What did she study in college?

What happend when Jesse asked her out at first?
She accepted
She dumped her then-boyfriend
She confessed she was in love with him
She refused

Which promotion did she get in season 8?
She was made producer of Wake Up San Francisco
She was made director of Wake Up San Francisco
She became a news reporter
She started hosting her own talk show

Which of the girls' hobbies did she also have as a kid?
Honey Bee
School news paper

What does she hate?
Singing in public
Cleaning the house

Quiz script by: Dodo