1957 - Danny, Pam and Joey were born

1963 - Jesse was born

1973 - Danny and Pam met

- Kimmy was born
- DJ was born

- Stephanie was born
- DJ started Kindergarden

1986 - Michelle was born

- Pam died in a traffic accedent
- Jesse and Joey moved in with Danny
- Stephanie started Kindergarden

- Danny got the job to host Wake Up San Francisco
- Jesse left the family business and started writing jingles
- Jesse and Becky met
- Jesse and Joey went into the advertisement business together
- The Beach Boys visited the Tanners

- Jesse and Becky almost got married
- The Tanners went to Hawaii
- DJ started junior high school
- Joey went on Star Search
- Comet moved in with the Tanners

- DJ got her first kiss
- Michelle started pre-school
- Danny and Becky hosted a telethon
- Jesse and Becky got engaged
- Joey opened for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas

- DJ got her first job
- Stephanie started wearing glasses
- Jesse and Becky got married and moved into the Tanner's attic
- Joey got casted for a sitcom in Hollywood
- Becky and Jesse learned they were pregnant
- Michelle started kindergarden
- DJ started high school
- Jesse and Becky learned they were having twins
- Joey got the job as Ranger Joe
- Nicky and Alex were born

- Tommy Page visited Steph's 10th birthday party
- DJ got her learner's permit
- Jesse and the Rippers got their breakthrough with Forever
- DJ went to Spain on a summer exchange
- DJ started dating Steve
- Teddy moved to Texas
- Jesse and the Rippers went to Tokyo
- Jesse and Joey started their show Rush Hour Renegades
- Jesse decided to finish high school

- Jesse got his high school diploma
- The gang went to Disneyland
- Stephanie started middle school
- Jesse inherited the Smash Club

- Papouli died while visiting the Tanners
- DJ and Steve broke up
- Little Richard visited the Tanners
- Danny almost sold the house
- Nicky and Alex started pre-school
- Jesse formed a new band - Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets

- Becky was made producer of Wake Up San Francisco
- Stephanie and Gia formed a band
- Joey met the Queen
- Kimmy almost married Duane
- Michelle lost her memory after an accedent
- DJ and Steve went together to DJ's senior prom