Stephanie Judith Tanner

Schools she attended: Frasier Street Elementary, DiMaggio Junior high.

Friends:  Harry, Gia, Mickey, Jimmy, Jennifer S, P and B

Known boyfriends: Walter, Harry, Brett, Andrew, 

She likes:  boys, dancing, snoop in DJ's privacy, Bugs Bunny, 

Stephanie is Danny's second daughter. She's born in January 1982.  Sometimes she feel left out, since she's the middle child. She's not the oldest and smartest, and not the youngest and cutest. 

Stephanie has many friends, but not one who she is with all the time, like DJ has Kimmy. And when she started at DiMaggio, she had to find new friends because her old ones were at different schools.

She likes dancing and has been doing it since she was little. Both ballet and jazz ballet. She had the talent to reach far but she didn't want to because she didn't have time to do anything else.

Her favourite teddy is Mr.Bear. Her mother gave it to her when Michelle was born, and he means the world to her.

She learned to read when she was 4 years old.