Scott Eric Weinger

He is born on October 5, 1975 in New York City, and raised in Hollywood, FL.

His parents are named Babs and Elliott Weinger. He has two little brothers and a little sister.

He left Full House to study at Harward University in 1994. He graduated in 1998 (majored in English and minored in French literature).

He lived in Paris and is fluent in French

He wrote for the TV shows Like Family and What I Like About You.

He's the voice of Aladdin.


TV appearances:
Switched Up!  (2004)
Walker, Texas Ranger (1999)
Mickey Mouse Club (1993)
Full House (1992-1994)
Eerie, Indiana (1991)
The Family Man (1990)
Life Goes On (1990)
Hemingway (1988)
Miami Vice (1987)

Roulette (short film, 2003)
Regret (short film, 1999)
Police Acadamy 5  (1988)

Aladdin voice:
Kingdom Hearts II (2004)
The Search For Mickey Mouse (2004)
Mickey's Philharmagic (2003)
Mickey's House Of Villains (2002)
Kingdom Hearts (Video Game, 2002)
Aladdin In Nasira's Revenge (Video, 2001)
House Of Mouse (TV series, 2001-)
Aladdin's Arabian Adventures (Video, 1998)
Hercules (TV Series, 1998)
Aladdin And The King Of Thieves (Video, 1996)
The Return Of Jafar (Video, 1994)
Aladdin (TV Series, 1993)
Aladdin (movie, 1992)

Shredder (Video, 2003)
Like Family (TV Series, 2003 - Writer)
The Cricket Player ( Producer, 2002)
Metropolis (Voice, 2002)
Behind The Walls Of Full House (TV, 2000)
The Shaggy Dog (TV, 1994)
The Speed Of Darkness (Theatrical Drama, 1994)
Good Morning America (TV, 1994-98 - Youth Correspondent)
Today, I Am A Fountain Pen (Theater, 1987)