Memorable quotes

Danny: This means that you and DJ are gonna get to be roommates. Isn't that exciting?
Stephanie: I can wear all of DJ's clothes!
DJ: Do I have to share my room with her?
Danny: Sweetie, it's gonna be just like having a slumber party.
DJ: Yeah, with only one guest--who never leaves!
[Our Very First Show]

Joey: Where do we put the baby?
Jesse: Where do I put the child?
Joey: The pot... over here.
Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Joey this is a living thing. You don't just stick it in a pot, use a meat rack.
[Our Very First Show]

Danny: What has blonde hair, purple pajamas, and is up way past her bedtime?
Stephanie: Um... Elvis?
[Our Very First Night]

Stephanie: I pledge allegiance to the flag of some states of America...
DJ: I'm going to tuck you in... very tight
Stephanie: And to the public which understands... with God...and liberty... I'm dead meat.
[The First Day of School]

DJ: We were in the same class, but I didn't talk to Kimmy for six months.
Stephanie: Is that because she's an airhead?
DJ: She's not an airhead. She just hates thinking.
[The First Day of School]

Kimmy: You are such a tattletale.
Stephanie: I am not! I'm telling you said that!
[Baby Love]

Rebecca: Well, we better get going. You don't want to miss your plane.
Connie: You're right, it might accidentally take off on time.
[Baby Love]

Rebecca: I told you they would scared.
Jesse: They were scared of you, not the movie.
[Baby Love]

Kimmy: You'll be sorry. The Wolfman's gonna scare you big time.
Stephanie: If you don't scare me, nothing will.
[Baby Love]



Submitted by fans:
(Last update: 9 august 2009)

Walter: You know what I'm doing now?
Stephanie: I'm afraid to ask
Walter: I'm giving you a secret kiss in my mind
[Nerd for a Day] [Submitted by: Jenny]

Jesse: Why did you get on the plane?
Stephanie: It was an accident.
Jesse: You accidently walked on the plane accidently sat down and accidently flew to new Zealand?
Stephanie: Okay it was a freak accident.
[Come Fly With Me] [Submitted by: Anna]

Danny: You're not even allowed to cross the street without permission let alone the Pacific.
[Come Fly With Me] [Submitted by: Anna]

Kimmy: It's my life. What do you care?
DJ: I'm sorry, I do care. My mom died because of a drunk driver. I wasn't going to lose my best friend the same way!
[Under the Influence] [Submitted by: Galen]

Joey: This man is not a hamburger. And I am not I side of fries. But you sir, are a chicken mcnugget!
[The IQ Man] [Submitted by: FHFreak]

Stephanie: I wasn't talking, I was explaining.
[Joey Gets Tough] [Submitted by: Galen]

Danny: I can see why you're Miss Kadota fig.
Becky: You should. You were one of the judges.
[Joey Gets Tough] [Submitted by: Galen]

D.J.: I am not going to yell at you. I'm just going to talk in a very firm voice for a very long time. Now why are you always snooping around in my stuff?
Stephanie: I can't help it, you fascinate me.
D.J.: Listen, you have no buisness to-- I fascinate you?
[Bye Bye Birdie] [Submitted by: Jenny]

Jesse: A - I don't do Teen Hunk. 2 - here's Your Library Book
[Secret Admirer] [Submitted by: Erika]

Michelle: Hey, that my face.
[Greek Week] [Submitted by: Anonymus]

Harry: I can see up your nose.
Stephanie: Harry, this is supposed to be romantic.
Harry: I can see up your nose, darling.
[Middle Age Crazy] [Submitted by: Hallie]

DJ & Kimmy: Thiers a car in the kitchen!
Michelle: I told you so.
DJ: Michelle, do you know how Joey's car got in here?
Michelle: Yes I do.
DJ: How?
Michelle: Through the window
[Honey I Broke the House] [Submitted by: Andi]

Danny: What a rotten christmas.
DJ: The presents are lost
Joey: I broke Stephanies heart
DJ: The presents are lost
Becky: I wont see my family on christmas,or my cow
DJ: Did I mention the presents are lost?
[Our Very First Christmas Show] [Submitted by: Andi]

Jesse : Hi honey.
Becky : Hello darling.
Jesse : Wow, you look mad, are you mad?
Becky : Uh huh.
Jesse : You're so cute when you're mad and right now youu're the cutest I've ever seen you
[The Wedding part 2] [Submitted by: Gwen]

Danny:Who are you going to watch tommorow at nine 'o clock?
Danny:Aw Michelle. Dont you want to watch daddy's show?
Michelle:Gilligan funny
Danny:Michelle havent you caught on by now? Thier never getting of that island.
[Luck Be A Lady] [Submitted by: Andi]

Jesse:Who was it?
Stephanie:Some Beach Boy, I told him no one was going.
All (running downstairs to catch them):Wait, wait
The Beach Boys:OK!
Danny: Your the Beach Boys! Come on in, Would you mind wiping your feet first?
[Beach Boys Bingo] [Submitted by: Andi]

Jeese: Guess what everybody Becky and I are engaged to be married!
Stephanie: Again?
Jesse: Yes again
[Greek Week] [Submitted by: Andi]

Kimmy: I never use my brain! Trust me, after a while, you won't even miss it.
Stephanie: Can't  miss what you never have.
[The House Meets the Mouse 1] [Submitted by: Rebecca]

Michelle: Duh!
[various episodes] [Submitted by: Erika]

Michelle: You got it, dude!
[Various episodes] [Submitted by: Wolf]

Michelle: I told them to stop, why didn't they listen?
Danny: Michelle, Kids have to be taught to listen.
Michelle: Who's supposed to teach them?
Danny: In many cases it's the people that watch over them and care for them.
Michelle: Who's that?
Danny: Well, it's the uh, it's the parents.
Michelle: (To Becky and Jesse) Way to go.
[Tough Love] [Submitted by: Jake]

DJ: She thinks she's coming to my party.
Stephanie: I do think that
Joey: Steph, I've got a great idea. Why don't we have our own super-duper party upstairs, doesn't that sound like fun?
Stephanie: Does it sound like fun to you?
DJ: Thanks, guys
[Tanner VS Gibbler] [Submitted by: Jenny]

Jesse: Welcome to America, in Greek What Is It?
DJ And Steph: Welcome to America. In Greek.
[Greek Week] [Submitted by: Anonymus]

Silvio: You are even more beautiful in person.
DJ: Oh My Lanta... Papuli, are we related?
[Greek Week] [Submitted by: Anonymus]

DJ: Well, let's see your new haircut.
Jesse: No, just remember me as I was.
[Cutting It Close] [Submitted by: Katelyn]

Jesse: You cut my hair. You cut my hair. I've been butchered.
[Cutting It Close] [Submitted by: Katelyn]

Stephanie: Don't worry, it's just my nose, my throat, my ears, my chest....Eight years old and I'm falling apart.
[The IQ Man] [Submitted by: Andi]

Danny: Just like we always have, just like we always will.
[Michelle Rides Again 2] [Submitted by: penguin84]

DJ: Hi! I'm Stephanie tanner and I'm raising money for needy kids. Jars of honey make great birthday presents, and you purchase is tax deductible.
Stephanie: That was Awesome!
DJ: Okay. here's dad. go for it.
Stephanie: Hi Daddy! I'm Stephanie Tanner and your purchase is tax duck bill. Happy birthday!
[Danny's Very First Date] [Submitted by: Mary]

Danny: On I'm sorry Honey.
Michelle: That's okay. Who are you?
[Michelle Rides Again 2] [Submitted by: Michelle Person Squirt]

DJ / Kimmy / Michelle: There's a car in the kitchen!
[Honey, I Broke the House] [Submitted by: Alexis]

Brian: Oh, it's Duckface!
Harry: You dumped me for Duckface?
Laurie: Mr and Mrs. Duckface
Brian: They're going to get married and live in a pond!
Walter: Were not getting married, Stephanie's just my secret girlfriend!
Stephanie: Oh, Walter!
[Nerd For A Day] [Submitted by: Jenny]

Stephanie: Hi, Michelle. What a day, DJ was playing all day with Kimmy Gibbleburger. I don't believe I'm going to say this, but--- would you play with me, Michelle
Michelle: No.
Stephanie: Please, pretty please? I'll play anything you want.
Michelle: Horsey.
Stephanie: Okay, hop on.
Michelle: Go, Horsey
Stephanie: Mr. Bear, I can't believe that I've sunk this low.
[Fogged Inn] [Submitted by: Jenny]

Michelle: When it says "stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni" is he calling the hat macaroni, or the feather?
Stephanie: The feather.
Michelle: Then what does he call his hat?
Stephanie: Bob. He called it Bob, okay?
Michelle: So, should I say "stuck a feather in his Bob?"
Stephanie: "Just sing it the way you learned it, huh?"
[The Play's The Thing] [Submitted by: Sarah]

Michelle: Howie no go
Danny: Howie yes go
[Baby Love] [Submitted by: Hannah]

Jesse: Uncle Jesse: This is great. I've got the Baby beluga dancers, I'm drinking moo juice -- when did my life become a G-rated movie?
[Just Say No Way] [Submitted by: Katie]

Derek: I tend to blend in with my surroundings.
[The Play's The Thing] [Submitted by: Ashley]

Joey: Well, you know, Michelle, you can't always get what you want in life. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Fred Flintstone, but heck, I had too many toes!
[The Play's The Thing] [Submitted by: Ashley]

Danny: There's gonna be no expection
DJ: Dad, we just cleaned for 4 hours
[The Trouble with Danny] [Submitted by: Katelyn]

Kimmy: Did you happen to get a picture of the front of the horse too?
Danny: This happens to be one of my relatives. If you'd like to see your relatives you could go rent 'Gorillas In The Mist'.
[You Pet It You Bought It] [Submitted by: Erika]

Becky: Everybody is scared about their first kiss.
D.J: Kimmy wasn't.
Becky: Never go by Kimmy
[13 Candles] [Submitted by: Hannah]

Stephanie: Are you gonna cook Michelle?
Joey: We're changing her diaper
Stephanie: Oh, then how do you roast a turkey?
[Our Very First Show] [Submitted by: Leah]

Michelle: Howie!!
[Baby Love] [Submitted by: Ashley]