Joseph Alvin Gladstone

Schools he attended: Golden Bay High

Friends: Danny, Jesse, Steve, Paul

Known girlfriends: Patty, Roxy,

First kiss: Colleen Finegan, 7th grade

His favorites: Vanilla Weasels, hockey, conga, comedy, Yogi Bear,

Joey was born in 1957. His mother's name is Mindy, his father goes by Colonel Gladstone. He has no siblings, except for his imaginary brother Leon. Since his father was in the military, he moved around a lot. He made friends by telling jokes. He's been doing comedy since he was 4.

His dream is to be a successful comedian, he takes a gig when he finds one, and hope that some day he'll break through. For a few years he run the advertising company JJ Creative Services along with Jesse, later they also hosted the radio show Rush Hour Renegades.

Joey loves cartoons and he can do all cartoon voices known to man. He refuses to grow up because kids are so open and honest.