Jesse Katsopolis

Schools he attended: Golden Bay High

Known girlfriends: Carrie, Becky, Samantha, Jill, Vanessa, Roxanna, Corinna, Briana, +++

His favorites: His hair, his harley, The Beach Boys, Elvis, his guitar, girls,

First kiss: Diane Van Zand

Jesse was Pam's brother. He's born in spring 1963. He lives with the Tanners to help Danny raise his three girls. He later married Becky and they had Nicky and Alex.

Jesse loves music. He's been an Elvis-fan since he was young. He played in two bands in high school - Feedback and Disipline Problems, later in Jesse and The Rippers, and Hot Daddy and The Monkey Puppets. His favorite song is Jailhouse Rock. He also likes The Beach Boys, and their song Forever is one of his favorites. 

When he moved into the Tanner household, he worked in the family business as a pest controller. He left the business and formed a advertising company along with Joey - JJ Creative Services. They worked together until Jesse got a record deal and later opened the Smash Club.