Donna Jo Margaret Tanner

Schools she attended:  Frasier Street 
Elementary, Van Atta Junior High

Friends:  Kimmy, Monica, Cathy Santoni, 

Boyfriends: Steve, Viper, Nelson, Michael, Kevin

First kiss: Kevin Gwin,  April 1989

Her favorites:  Horses, boys, George Michael, Counting Crows

Donna Jo, or DJ is Danny and Pam's first daughter. She was born in April 1977 at 3.48 am.

 DJ is the kind of girl who wants to be the best in everything (she has that after her mother). And she is the best in almost everything. She's a straight A student, member of the student concil and more.

Her first boyfriend was Michael Monfort (in the 6th grade), but he dumped her for Cathy Santoni after 2 days. But she and Steve stayed together for over 2 years. 

Her favorite toy vas her "Pillow Person". 

Her phone number is 555-8722

She has a green belte in karate.