Daniel Ernest Tanner

Schools he attended: Golden Bay High

Known girlfriends: Pam, Vicky, Cindy, Linda

First kiss: Colleen Fenegan, 8th grade

He Likes: cleaning, talking, the Beach Boys, sports

He dislikes: dirt,  brussel sprouts, 

Danny is born in December 1957. His mother is Claire Tanner, his father's name is unknown. They are divorced. He has a younger sister - Wendy, but he must have another brother or sister, because Danny has a 20 year old nephew.

Danny met Pam when he was 15. He married her at age 16. At age 18, he became a father. 

Danny has always been involved in TV. His first big job was as a sports caster. In fall 1988 he got the job as a host on the morning talk show Wake Up San Francisco along with Rebecca. After many years she became a producer of the show and it made him sad that he didn't.