Andrea Laura Barber

She's born on July 3, 1976 in Los Angeles, California.

Her parents are Donald and Sherry Barber. 

She has two older brothers, Darin and Justin.

She started her acting career at age 4.

She attended Whittier College after Full House, and spent a semester in Denmark.

She took the PhD in Womens Studies at the University of York.

She married Jeremy Rytky on September 1, 2002.

Andrea and Jeremy was blessed with a healthy boy - Tate James on April 30th 2004.


The Skateboard Kid 2 (1995)
To Grandmother's House We Go (1992) (TV)
The Leftovers  (1986) (TV)
Do You Remember Love (1985) (TV)

TV series:
Full House  (1987-1995)
Days of Our Lives  (1982-1986)

Guest appearances:
Behind the Walls of Full House (2000) (TV)
America's Funniest Home Videoes  (1997)
Wild & Crazy Kids  (1992)
Growing Pains  (1990)
Our House  (1986)
The Twilight Zone  (1985)